Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aerial Desdemona

Yesterday gave me a view of the ranch I haven't yet seen.

My friend James Adyelotte, faithful Broadway member and winsome metereologist for the NBC affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, flew me around greater Desdemona in his Cessna Cardinal.

James is a delightful spirit, quick with laughter but engaging in serious matters of faith also. For him, flying has a spiritual dimension, and he took it up several years ago as a step of courage at a difficult juncture in his personal life.

We met at the small airport in Stephenville, 25 miles east of our home, and in no time we were up in the air heading back west toward Desdemona.

Take off and landing got my attention, but the flight itself was smooth and relaxing. It was brilliantly clear weather, perfect for flying.

Jana informed me that she had taken out a million dollar policy on me just in case. Nothing like the reassurance of a devoted wife.

So interesting seeing the ranch from the air. To look at the land panoramically, as a comprehensive whole, undemarcated in vision by road or fence or physical feature, plants a different topographical perspective in the mind. It is an impression of smallness, yet a significant smallness, and the critical need for stewardship of that particular small ground.

It had been some time since I last flew in small private aircraft, and the experience is invigorating. You become a bird.


Keith Vaughn said...

Each time I fly there is the significant perspective that I imagine God has over his little ranch we call Earth. Oh how I wish all of humanity could see things from on high.


Charlie Johnson said...

Keith, There is a song by Nanci Griffith entitled "From A Distance" about the perspective God has on the earth and its inhabitants. Your comment reminds me of it.

Unknown said...

Great descriptions, Charlie, of life as seen from above! Martin and I have long enjoyed "slipping the surly bonds of earth..." When we can get ourselves together and fly up your way, we can do it again! Did Jana go?

I'll even let Martin do all the landings! My takeoffs are fine, but I generally land more than once per try!

More sermons on audio please!

Hugs to you both,

Charlie Johnson said...

No, Randi, Jana didn't get to go, but she did wave from below. We are looking forward to you guys flying our way sometime soon.

Good admonition about the sermons--I'm working on it, low-tech preacher that I am!

Tommy Hamilton said...

I appreciate your ability to test your faith by getting into a small plane.

I think that it is so cool to rise above it all and get a different perspective on things. Oh, if only I could remember to do it more often....sigh....

I must remember that I too am raised up with Christ and seated with Him in heavenly places. Thanks for reminding me. It's not that I'm a slow learner, I'm just a fast forgetter.

MamaMia said...

These pictures make me long for my childhood again...I grew up in a Piper Comanche with my Dad. There is nothing like it.

Beautiful pictures.