Monday, September 18, 2006

Thanks, Gordon!

I want to thank Gordon Atkinson for the kind words he wrote on his remarkable blog,

If you have not visited that site, leave here and do so right now. Gordon has done something that is always notable for a minister: opened a window and given us a peek at the faith-- and the faith community-- before the window is dressed.

One of the motivations of faith is to act right. This, of course, is a good thing. But, it is a bad thing to cover up when we don't, which is much of the time. It is an unfortunate feature of human nature that people and churches do more of the latter than the former. So, it sure is good to have folks like Gordon who are honest and insightful enough to expose these deceits.

He is prophetic in this way, but gently and wryly so. He uses a mirror instead of a club.

We laugh, we cry, we wince, but we never yawn, which is miracle enough in anybody's preaching!


lmk4jc said...

charlie,what a great story! that is what can make life fun.sitting down with people we dont know and listening to each gordon put it,he will remember that moment for the rest of his life,i wish more of us could have moments like that. love ya, say hi to jana.linda

Bene Diction said...

Nice of Gordon to steer you our way, I'm a Canadian who does not understand the resistance of the Wind.

Female pastors and preachers are not odd to me, and I find your post about your class delightful and quite compatible with what is going on in the rest of the world.

Welcome to the blogosphere, I also see some really ugly hate coming at you, and I am sorry. Looks like your chin has been on the pavement.
If you can handle Canadian pastors that have had some tough times, with their faces ground into the sidewalk of life, check out

I suspect we'll hear your story when you are ready to tell it.
Salu, Bienvenue, and blog on!

Suzer said...

I found your blog from Gordon's site, and I'm glad I did. Welcome to Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to RLP. Great stories. He shares your gift for writing!